Tuesday, July 23, 2013

With a little time ...

Oh how your PERSPECTIVE changes...

Two weeks ago, I completed my first sprint triathlon and I thought I would not do another one this year.  The very following week, Coach J did the Echo Triathlon (watch for a race report from him) and I found myself to be extremely jealous! I wanted to have another attempt at doing something so challenging and rewarding!

Lemony Snicket

To be completely honest, it only took about a day to help my perspective change.  While I was going through the swim, I wanted to quit.  I wanted so badly to call over the kayak and have him take me in.  But I didn't!  I kept going and then enjoyed every minute of the rest of the triathlon. Same thing in life, while we are going through trials or hard times it sometimes feels like we just want to quit.  We want to throw in the towel, claim a Did Not Finish, but once we have gone through those challenges/trial/hardships, we are better because of it.  We are a different person and stronger and more able to take on the next challenge.  

Now that I have had time to think about my triathlon experience, I KNOW I want to do more. I know I need to work on my swim to be quicker and more efficient and my run to become faster, but there is always something you can work on to get better, right? If we wait until we are 'perfect' to go after something we desire will we ever be ready?  Will we ever do something that causes us to be fearful if we don't just Go for It and enjoy the journey?

Bring on the next TRI!!

--What has changed your perspective in life?
--Have you ever said you won't do something and then do it anyway?

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