Friday, July 26, 2013

Do not doubt yourself ...

The week before my first triathlon was kind of a hard week mentally.  I was nervous for my triathlon, but I let the doubt creep in.  I let the "I can't" dwell in my mind for a little bit too long....until I read this post from a motivating friend.

"Mentally and emotionally you begin to steel yourself to the challenge ahead. Doubts may begin to arise, but the belief you have in yourself will crush them. Fear may rear its ugly head, but you focus on the strength you possess and it is forced to flee before you. Uncertainty may creep in, but you will have none of that because you not only can do this. . . but YOU WILL DO THIS!"


I cried when I read this and pushed those "I Can't" thoughts out of my  head right that minute.  I knew I had put in the time, I knew I had sacrificed a lot to get to the fitness level I was at, I KNEW I would finish the goal I had set out to achieve...Finish the triathlon!   

We need to not doubt our abilities. We need to trust that we CAN succeed if we want to.  Trust your abilities, trust your training and trust that you can do HARD things.  Let's not doubt what we CAN do, instead prove that YOU WILL DO THIS!

--How do you get doubt out of your life?
--What keeps you motivated to Never give up?

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