Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Do your BEST ....

During P90X workouts, sometimes I want to just lay down and quit.  Then, Tony will say "Do your BEST and forget the REST".  That saying hits home with me.  It helps me keep going.  It helps me to know that next time I do something, if I have given it my all this time, I will get better.  I will be able to do bring different BEST the next time I conquer something hard.

I love that during exercise and pushing yourself you can find great life lessons.  I feel like this motto can be taken into your life with great dividends.  Do your BEST and forget the REST in your eating, in your spiritual journey, in motherhood, in being a true friend, in EVERYTHING.

BUT, you DO have to do your BEST.  DO NOT sell yourself short.  Make sure you KNOW that you can give it 100% of you and that you can do amazing things when you do your very BEST.  We are not all going to be amazing athletes, perfect Mom's, always eat healthy, but we can give it our ALL and forget what we cannot do!


---Do you do your BEST and forget the REST?
---What area of your life do you need to remember that more in?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 2, Day 1 ... P90X

I already made it through the first week of P90X!  Yea!  and guess what?  I LOVE it.  I love that it helps me feel strong. I love the goal I have made to do a unassisted pull-up by Christmas.  I love that when I make the decision to work out in the morning, my day goes smoothly and I have an easier time picking good choices for my food.  I love that it helps me stretch my neck so that I don't get headaches in the afternoon.  I am loving it so far!

I started last week with my chest and back workout just trying to go through the motions and could barely do some of the push-ups and only used 15 pounds on the pull-ups (on our Bowflex) and today, I could actually get my reps in quicker with a few extra on top of my push-ups and I did the weight at 35 pounds (70pounds total) for my pull-ups.  It is fun to see that I can already do more in just one week.

I still haven't taken my 'before' pictures .... I know, I know.  It is my goal to get those done today!

---What are you doing to LOVE your body?
---What is your one thing to be proud of today?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stagnant ...

Well, it has happened.  The awesomeness of loosing weight, then doing all my triathlons wore off and now I am in a rut.  I took a break and now I am ready to go somewhere I have never gone!

Weight training/HIIT


P90X® Base

I mentioned it to my hubby (Coach J.) that I wanted to try it and asked him if he wanted to do it with me.  I am already glad he said yes, because he has gotten me out of bed at 6AM both mornings because I had committed to him to do it.  I have enjoyed both work outs already and cannot wait to see the results!  I will post before pictures in the next few days so you can follow along on my journey.

I am really hoping it will help me tone up and actually hit my goal weight this time!  I stopped sort to start training hard for my triathlons.  I gained a few back but not many ... YEA!  And now want to go into weights that I do not ever remember being!

--- What are your goals lately?
--- What do you do to get out of  a rut?