Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week's workout ...

Another week of training to recount ...
Monday: 2 miles on the track, horrible.  Didn't want to start, didn't want to keep going, very happy to be done...but I still did it.  19:20

Tuesday: 800 yard swim.  100 yard splits.  Good swim, felt good to get out in the water again.

Wednesday:  REST

Thursday:  17 mile bike ride with Bill's Bike Shop ladies.  16.9 MPH average pace.  Another great ride!

Friday:  REST

Saturday: 800 yard swim.  400 yard splits.  Overcame quite a few mental blocks.  Swam in the rain, wind.

Overall a great week of training.  I felt happy with all of the days and know they will help me meet my goals!

--What was your favorite workout this week?
--What keeps you motivated?

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