Monday, July 29, 2013

A family full of runners ...

 I find extreme joy in teaching my children to be healthy and active...or they help teach me to be healthy and active :).  I think it is a 2-way street at our house.  Nene loves to be active and embraces any sport we let him play!  He is always asking about different ways to make his body strong. Brownie is getting faster and faster in her running ability and loves to be my running buddy!  Blondie has already run more races this year than I have and loves every minute or running with her dad.  And Cheese is just along for the ride :). 

It brings me great joy to watch them enjoy exercising and that I am able to be out there doing it with them.  They motivate me to try harder, to push past the HARD things and be successful.  It teaches them that even I as their Mom can push through hard things, so they can too!   They frequently have mock triathlons by swimming in our little pool, riding their bike than running.  It makes me happy!  They love to stretch out with either Coach J or I when we get back from a run/bike.  So fun to watch them love something as much as we do!

--What do you do to help keep your kids active?
--What are your favorite things to do with your kids?

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