Thursday, July 11, 2013

Find a way ...

Find a way, NOT an excuse ...

I have been asked a lot of questions since I finished my triathlon, but the #1 question I get asked is how did I find the time to train?  Well, we all have the same 24 hours in the day but different obligations of what is required during those 24 hours a day; so if I can 'find' the time, so can you!  I have a lot of 'balls' I have to juggle with being a mother, wife, medical transcriptionist, friend and neighbor.  BUT I wanted to do a triathlon.  It was a very important goal in my life. I wanted to prove to myself that I could.

 How did I find the time?  I didn't find it, I MADE the time.  I got up at 5:30AM to be at the lake by 6AM, if I hadn't gotten a workout in before he got home my awesome husband sacrificed his time to watch the kids when he got home so I could go for a run or a bike ride, I pushed or pulled my kids with me, I stayed home from my other social 'obligations' to get my work out in.  I did all I could to cross off those days on my training plan.  Life got in the way some days, or I had to take an extra rest day to listen to my body, but I found a way.

It wasn't always easy, I sometimes felt guilty for going, but I went.  I had made a committement to myself (and told lots of people about it) and I wanted to succeed.  I didn't want to just finish, I wanted to really do well and I knew I would have to put in the work to do so!!!

If you REALLY want something, find EVERY way possible to get it.  Wake up early, say NO to a sweet treat, stay up late, but Find a way to get it, not an excuse to not make it happen!

**I have to give credit to my husband *Coach J* for this 'quote'.  He lives by this and is my example!

 Enjoy a Beautiful Day!!

---How do you accomplish your goals? 
 ---What is your mantra to help you get through something hard? 

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