Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Foam Rollers ...

Coach J and I have had this discussion on many occasions.  "This foam roller is awesome.  It has saved my muscles a lot this summer."  Just this morning we had it again while he was rolling out after his 10 mile run.  I used it last night after my 17 mile bike ride, so did he!  It is a priceless tool to have in your living room (or HOUSE).  We were hesitant to get it, but boy are we glad we have it!  It is funny just how much we have used it.  We have the 36" full round one.  I love using it on my calves, hamstrings and IT band.  I firmly believe it has saved me from having IT band issue during this summer's training regimen.  If you don't have one, save your pennies and get one!  They are worth every single one.

Another valuable tool we use a lot is the Tiger Tail roller.  We don't use this nearly as much, but it is super handy to take in the car when you need it.  I love it to stretch out my shins/calves and just above my knee where I can't get my body to go over the foam roller.  Another great thing to save my muscles from being overworked and not ever get stretched our properly.

One more thing I LOVE is my TENS unit.  I put that on my REALLY sore muscles and let them work out the kinks.  Feels weird, but works wonders!

Product Details 

---What are your favorite products to help sore muscles?
---Have you used a foam roller?  Love it?  Hate it?

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