Monday, July 22, 2013

Last Week's Workout ...

Here is a recap of what I got in this last week for my training...

Monday ~ Life got in the way so nothing happened.

Tuesday ~ Jilian Ripped in 30, week 1 day 1, 5 lbs weights:  Felt good to do strength training again

Wednesday ~ 2 mile run in the heat of the evening: 9:05 pace:  GREAT run, felt strong!

Thursday ~ Jilian week 1 day 2, 5 lbs weights:  Awesome!
19 mile bike ride with Bill's Bike Shop Group : So fun to ride with other ladies!

Friday ~ Exhausted from yesterday, rest day!

Saturday ~ Camping with the family, just stayed active.

--What did you do this week for your body?
--What was your favorite workout?

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