Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An emotional journey part 4 ...

Here is part 1, part 2 and part 3...

We were kind of in a stressful time in our life deciding what would be best for our family and hoping it would all work out to travel with my husband instead of me being a single Mom for months.  Well, it did work out and we were on our way to living in Italy for 2 1/2 months!  We were all so excited.  In the hustle of trying to get ready, I didn't take time to take care of myself.  I was ready to be committed while I was in Italy though or so I thought.

A while ago I had stumbled upon a book called The Emotion Code.  My friend had told me about it again so I thought I'd revisit again while I had a little more time being in Italy.  Basically what it talks about is that our energy fields get blocked with trapped emotions and our health suffers from those bumps in our energy tracks.  The book teaches you how to muscle test so that you can learn to release these emotions to put yourself on a better track of health.  I dedicated time each day to find and release these emotions.  I had some BIG ones related to weight and self-sabotage. I released some that were trapped in my neck causing me neck pain and it literally has not come back since I released those, which is HUGE for me.  I firmly believe in this homeopathic idea and am so glad I came across it.  It has helped me have a better attitude towards my weight loss and goals.  I have been able to stop the self-sabotage that I used to have by sneaking candy or chocolate thinking nobody would know if I ate it so it wouldn't hurt me.  I have been able to stop beating myself up for every little 'mistake' I make.  I have been able to move forward again in my healthiness journey with a new found goal, a new found attitude and a desire to break the bad habits that have put me where I am today.

I know it wounds so, so crazy and weird, but The Emotion Code and it's 'sister' The Body Code have literally helped save my life from things I didn't even know where sabotaging it.  I am so grateful for finding it and the help I know it is going to give me on my healthiness journey.  Some day, I will become a certified practitioner for these systems and cannot wait to help others on their journey as well!

My emotional journey to health is not complete.  I will still have cream added to my bucket that I will have to churn into butter, but I am still swimming.  I am still not giving up. I still have faith that some day I will find the key to unlock my fat and become fit and fabulous!

---What cream has been added to your bucket lately?  How do you keep swimming?
--Have you done anything lately just for you?

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