Saturday, May 3, 2014

Toxins ...

I've been doing a lot of research into why my body isn't releasing fat even though I am eating very clean and exercising almost every day.  It has been a frustrating journey to say the least and I think I am finally opening up a window of help for myself.  I've talked before about energy healing and I am a firm believer of it working well to help people reach their full potential.  One of the things that is on that energy healing level is a toxicity group.  Our bodies are thrown toxic waste from every direction these days.  It is in everything we eat, everything we use as cosmetics and in just about everything on the earth.  It is normal and nothing really to be afraid of but if your body isn't functioning on a wonderful level, which mine wasn't, you can easily build up a toxicity in your body that will inhibit you to lose more fat.  It literally locks up your fat cells and doesn't let anything out because your body thinks you are under attack from foreign objects that it doesn't recognize.  Crazy, right?

Some of the ways to release the toxicity build ups are cleanses, another way is to sweat a lot, drink lots of water, stay 'regular' and take vitamins.  All great ways!  Another way is to do it through energy healing, which is the way I've been able to release a lot of toxins.  For one example of mine I have always sweat A LOT especially in my underarms.  Sometimes it was so embarrassing because in warm weather it would soak through my undershirt and my shirt!  I wouldn't want to even raise my arms.  Because of this I always used antiperspirant thinking that would help my problem.  Until I did some research, I had no idea it was actually making things worse.  Antiperspirant has aluminum in it and I have a reaction in my body towards aluminum and it was making my body go crazy and actually just building up the aluminum in my body without getting rid of that foreign object in my body!  So crazy!!  I stopped using my antiperspirant and released the toxicity in my body, started using a natural deodorant and even though I am in the hottest climate I have ever been in, I am not longer sweating through my clothes.  Hooray!  No more embarrassing armpit sweat circles...only a healthier body!

This lead me to research more into what other toxins are in my body inhibiting me from release fat cells...I ran across this great article.  Check it out!  

---Have you had an experience with energy healing?
---Have you ever looked at toxins as cause for your problems?

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