Friday, April 4, 2014

This is my TIME ...

This is my time.  I finally feel confident enough to get the body my soul desires.  I need to remember that this journey is for me.  This is a way for me to feel like I can shine the light that I am trying to shine to the world.  I want to feel completely confident with my body which helps me be confident in all the situations I am put in.  I want to be an example of joy, happiness and dedication to other people who may be struggling.


I will be following a program that I found done by the makers of  It is 2 months, I can do anything for 2 months.  I will try to check in here several times a week, but for sure with a weigh in every week and progress pictures throughout the process.

I started yesterday, with my rest day today.  Yesterday was a physical fitness test.

1 mile run: 11 minutes
The rest is how many I could do in a 2 minute time frame
Push-ups: 3 full, 12 'girl'
Crunches: 60
Pull-ups: 20 second hold

I will succeed!  I will accomplish my goals.  I will do all that I can to get the body my soul desires!!!

starting weight: 76.8 kg

--What do you do to be an example?
--What do you desire most in your heart?

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