Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day #3 ...

I have felt so proud of myself these last few days.  I have made no excuses, got my exercises in and eaten very well.  My time right now is kind of unique as I am not in my own home.  I have breakfast available to me each day, I have to fine healthy lunches and have to choose the healthiest option I can for dinner as we are going out a lot because of limited kitchen space.  BUT, I can proudly say that I am making the best choices that I can and when I cannot, I make sure I eat a big salad and only a little bit of whatever else, like pizza. It has been a unique challenge, but it will be worth it when I go home and I am ahead of the game on training for my triathlons this year!  

Exercise has not been super easy to START this week, but once I get going I enjoy it and I love it after when I am done.  I haven't slept real well this week adjusting to our new surroundings and time zone, but I haven't used that as an excuse to get my exercising in.  Yea!

All in all, I am very happy with how the last 3 days has gone. I hope that I see results this week on the scale too!

--What do you do when you are in unique situations to eat the best you can?
--What is your favorite exercise routine?

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