Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day #9 ...

I am slightly frustrated again ... big surprise.  I want results much faster than results want to happen.  I want to have seen my body changing already but the only change I 'see' is that I am getting stronger.  I am able to do more reps or use more weight or hold a static exercise longer, which is good don't get me wrong, but I am doing this to look better, not just be stronger so I was hoping to see results quicker.

I will keep pressing on because once I have a plan and know exactly what I need to do each day I do MUCH better.  For some reason trying to chose what to do makes me not want to do it :), so this Fitness Blender 8 week challenge has been great for me.

Today's workout wasn't too bad, except for the burpees.  I actually enjoyed the first 60 or so of them, but the last 20 were not my friends.  Being able to do more with the core exercises than I ever have been able to before was nice too.  I could actually do a reverse crunch (lifting my legs up to elevate my hips off the ground) which I have never been able to do!  That was encouraging.

Onward and forward to get the body my soul desires!

--How are you doing on your fitness journey?
--How do you measure progress?

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