Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meal plan ...

Day 1:
Breakfast: melon, grapes and whole grain muffin
Snack: carrots, slice of PB toast
Snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Big salad with chicken, 2 slices pizza

Day 2:
Breakfast: grapes, veggie omelet
Snack: cucumbers, boiled egg
Lunch: Protein shake
Snack: granola bar, banana
Dinner: salad w/apples, chicken/veggie stir fry
Day 3:
Breakfast: muffin, cantaloupe, plum
Snack: salad w/chicken
Lunch: protein shake
Snack: carrots, apple and nuts
Dinner: chicken, rice, pita bread
Day 4:
Breakfast: Grapes, eggs/beef sausage burrito
Snack: pretzels, cucumbers
Lunch: pizza
Snack: carrots, ice cream
Dinner: scrambled eggs, pancake
(today was an awful day and I had to resist shoving everything into my face.  We went to a local festival and I chose to try some very yummy mango ice-cream!)
Day 5:
Breakfast: Whole wheat toast, banana
Snack: carrots, boiled eggs
Lunch: protein shake
Snack: PB toast, plum
Dinner: Chicken, pita bread, lettuce

Day 6:
Breakfast: grapes, cantaloupe, wheat toast
Snack: Boiled egg, apple
Lunch: protein shake
Dinner: Fish, shrimp, cooked carrots

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