Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day #6 ...

Wow, I got my booty handed to me today on my workout.  I was feeling crappy yesterday and super tired from not sleeping so I took my optional cardio day to just take it easy.  I still walked around and stretched when I could and apparently that helped a lot because last night I finally slept better and today my hamstrings are not killing me.

I was reluctant to get into my workout today but I knew if I started I'd finish it out and be happy once I finished.  So, I got after it.

But boy, was it a tough workout.  I am still in the 'beginner' area of the whole 8 weeks and they say it gets harder, I hope I am getting stronger :)!  The twisted mountain climbers kicked my trash, not to mention the windmill steps, oh and the reverse lunge skips.  HAHA, my heart was beating, I was sweating!  If you want to check it out it is the Total Body Boot Camp video at Fitness Blender!  It rocked.  Happy to see the WORKOUT COMPLETE
 screen though!

Go me!  Haven't missed a workout yet...

---what is your favorite workout?
---Have you tried any of the fitness blender workouts?

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