Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting the hang of it...

Oh boy what a weekend/week.  I have had so many temptations, so many chances for cheating, so many delicious looking foods to have to pass up and so many times I had to make sure I was very prepared.  Guess what?  I did it!  I made sure to make a meal to take with me to Friday's nights party for my in-laws 40th anniversary and bonus, it was YUM!

(this was my little 'baby' at the party wearing a mustache in honor of his Grandpa)

I made sure to have my meals decided for Saturday because it is always super busy.

I made sure to take my salad/veggies/shake to lunch on Sunday because I knew what they were serving wouldn't fit with my Ideal Protein Guidelines.  You know what happened?  Everyone wanted my yummy looking salad!

I made sure to take a cauliflower pizza crust and all my own toppings measured out to Tuesday's night pizza party so that I wouldn't be tempted by my most tempting temptation :)  You know what happened?  Everyone wanted a taste of my cauliflower pizza crust and liked it so much they want to start making it too!

I feel like I have been super prepared to succeed and I cannot wait to see the scale keep moving!

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