Monday, March 4, 2013

Work on ME...

I love this!  Because it is SO true.  I sometimes get caught up on reading all your awesome blogs, seeing facebook status updates or reading magazine articles about how far you are running and how fast, how much weight you are loosing, the awesome veggies you ate today, the amazing jeans you now fit into, the awesome sponsors you have on your blogs and I get sad.  I get into the "maybe I am NOT doing something right.  Maybe I am not good enough.  Maybe I should just give up".  But guess what?  I am ME. I am on my own personal journey to health.  I am doing the best I can with what God has given me and that is all that matters.  I will continue to work on ME.  To become the BEST ME I can be. 

I printed this out and put it on my fridge!  Everyone should remember it!

What do you do to remind yourself to worry about yourself and nobody else?

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