Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plan M...


 I feel like my plans change with the setting and rising of the sun.  It is so frustrating and I am just trying to wrap my head around all of this.  Two Saturday's ago I stepped on the scale after having been off of it for a month.  I was hoping that my exercise commitment, my 'good' eating choices would provide a loss on the scale.  To my surprise, I found a GAIN.  I instantly started crying.  What in the heck am I doing wrong?  I logged more than 1000 exercise minutes in February the shortest month of the year and ate really well.  I had a very emotional weekend and could not figure out what to do.  That same day, I broke down to a friend and she told me about a program her friend had done after expressing the same frustrations and emotions I had just expressed to her.  She told me she would find out what it was all about and let me know.

A few days later, I found out about Ideal Protein.  I set up an appointment to talk to a coach and nutritionist to help me on my way to a better ME.  I signed up on the spot.  Everything they said made so much sense to me and resonated within my soul.  I have so many mixed emotions going into a 'diet' like this that requires me to eat their products, requires me to eat very few carbs, very few calories and tons of protein but I feel like this is an answer to my prayers.  I need this!  I need to have some successes and I feel like I can get it from this plan.

I have tried for 5 years to loose weight and even when I am completely amazing at both eating well and exercising I still cannot get my weight to budge...it just goes up.  I found out I am borderline diabetic and the insulin in my body is reaking havoc on my weight loss. It will NOT let my body release the fat because it thinks it needs to to survive the onslaught of insulin.  Ideal Protein helps with that.  

I am on day 7 and it has NOT been easy.  It has been a very, very emotional journey for me so far because I have had to shift my gears mentally so much.  I had started my exercise plan with vigor to complete my half marathon in April, to loose weight and to look and feel amazing.  Not much of that was happening, so my gears have to shift for my life to be what I need/want it to be.  

Here is to plan M working!!

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