Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 1st week...

Whew what a week.  I have had every doubt in the book come up, every emotion possible in having to figure out what I REALLY want and where my life is going.  It has been very mentally challenging to change directions once I had set my mind on something like completing my half marathon but it wasn't worth it to me to put my body in jeopardy by gaining weight while I train for something like that...let alone run it at my heaviest weight especially when running isn't easy for me anyway.

The first several days I actually really didn't have any hard times with it.  I started on Wednesday March 6th and did great the 1st few days.  Friday I was even tempted with pizza and I resisted.  Saturday I was tempted with mint brownies and white chocolate popcorn and I resisted!  I had made a commitment to my health and I was sticking with it.

It seems that it has been harder the last few days to resist but I am guess it is because my husband has been out of town since Sunday and I usually eat worse when he isn't here because I am lonely/bored/stressed or whatever.  It is also super difficult to cook dinner when there are 4 hungry kids running around wanting it right then, but I have been perfectly compliant!  I cannot to see my first Weigh-In tomorrow.  I sure hope to see some sort of loss on the scale.  I don't notice much right now, but time will tell.

As far as the way my body feels, it is tired, seriously tired. I go to bed early, I sneak in a nap and still don't want to get out of bed in the morning.  I have heard that gets better, so hopefully that is true.

This has been a very emotional week and opening my eyes to all the triggers that make me want to eat and dealing with them differently than I always have, but I am excited for what this journey will help me achieve!!

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