Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just keep swimming...

Changing our goals to fit our needs can be a very difficult thing to accomplish, especially when you mentally get yourself into a goal whole heartedly.  I know I will still be able to obtain my goal of a half marathon, sprint triathlon and personal best 5K this year, but I want to be training so badly.  I just have to tell myself that the time will pass and as I am dropping weight, those goals will become easier. 

I really love what IP is doing for my body, but I am having a difficult time giving up the exercise thing while my body figures it out.  I hope to be back into a little light exercise next week, once my body adjusts to what I am doing to it. 

Right now, I know this is what my body needs and things will work out.  It is only March and I have never started training for something before May anyway, so I will just hang on for the ride and hope for the best at the end of this journey!

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