Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another cup of cream...

was added to my bucket to make into butter...AHHH.

My whole goal with eating well and exercising every day and most days twice is to lose some weight.  I know it shouldn't be my lifetime goal, but right now it is.  I know I am not at a healthy weight for my body and I know it needs to change but I cannot get it too.  The harder I try, the worse it gets when it doesn't happen.

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I have been working out and eating healthy for over 6 weeks now. I was expecting to see SOME kind of loss when I decided to weight myself once a month.  Saturday was my day to weigh-in and BOY was I in for a shock.  Not only had I not lost weight, but I had gained a pound.  BAHHH!!  That made me so mad/frustrated/sad/angry...every emotion.  It makes me feel like somekind of failure to not even lose 1 pound...NOTHING.  It makes me think that all my efforts are not worth it. it takes a lot of time and dedication to work out as much as I have, to eat the foods I eat and for what?  To feel better?  Well I only feel a little better, not enough to keep it up.  So, after lots of tears and praying, I have decided to go to a nutritoinist.  Obviously there is something I am not getting, so made an appointment yesterday and will be going later today.  I will keep you posted on how things go!  

I will not give up!
I will not QUIT!!
I will KEEP trying!!!

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  1. hang in there! Keep plugging away! and don't give up- love this quote by the way1