Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Can I? ...

Is it selfish to want to be a success story? Is it selfish to see people succeeding and having the body that I've always wanted and say I WANT THAT?  Is it selfish to take the time to obtain those goals and desires?

I've had a lot of thoughts run through my head lately...why can't I succeed when it comes to my body goals?  Why can't I stick with something long enough to see the desired outcome?  I know I want to be healthy.  I know I want to be fit.  I know I want to be an inspiration to others, especially my children.  But I wish I knew I COULD.  I wish I knew I could push my body to where I want it to go.  I wish I knew that I could do the things I once thought were impossible.

The funny thing about these thoughts that are swirling through my mind, is I KNOW THAT I CAN do amazing things.  I got through my teenage years (which were a challenge for me) without dying, I ran a half marathon with so much pain in my feet because of tarsal tunnel, but I still did it.   I learned how to swim and practiced it enough to complete 3 sprint triathlons last summer.  I lost weight when I was extremely focused and committed to a 'diet'.  So I've done things that I should be able to draw strength from, so why do I struggle to REALLY know that I CAN?

The conclusion I've come up with is because I've tried so many times, I've started over so many times, I've failed so many times, I've been rejected so many times and I'm sick of it.

I want to be a success story!  I want to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, emotional, spiritual and physical!  I WANT TO KNOW I CAN and BELIEVE IT!

--What are your biggest struggles?
--How do you believe in yourself?

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