Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A mother's example...

You read a lot about mother's guilt when they take time to exercise, eat right and take care of themselves.  I see it very differently, thankfully!  I have never felt the guilt that comes with training for a race, eating good food or taking the time to get a girls you know why?  It is important to me AND my children that I am a healthy person, in my own life, in my eating life and in my exercise life not just their Mom.  It makes me a better mother and it gives them something to learn from.

If you feel like you are suffering from mother's guilt....think of it this way.  Would you rather have your adult children struggle with the same things you are or give them the example that exercising, eating right and treating our bodies well is just a habit that we LOVE to do?

I love when my kids eat some lean protein and a dinner full of veggies and know that it will make their body healthy and strong.  I love it when they go ride their bike, then run right after so they can train for their 'triathlon'.  I never had the example of eating right and exercising so my body image is way off (I will write more about that some day) and I hope my children don't suffer the same fate as me.  All I can give them is a good example and the education that I have gained!

Do you suffer from mother's guilt?  What do you do to be an example to your kids?

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