Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesday: Goals!

Pretty excited for this next season of triathlons for me.  Going into my 2nd season is quite a bit different than the first.  The first go around all I wanted to do was finish, which I wasn't even sure was possible.  This year, I still want to finish, but I want to finish strong!   Since I've had a few weeks to ponder my goals for this season, this link up party was the perfect opportunity to get them written down so I can stay accountable.

Short term goals:
*Improve my time for each of my triathlons.
*Get clipped in on the bike!  (SCARY!!)
*Enjoy the journey more this year.
*Feel more comfortable in the water.
*Incorporate weight training into my schedule.

Mid-term goals:
*Commit to run a half marathon.
*Run hills this year...not only flat!
*Olympic distance tri?

There I have it.  I am hoping for another great season of triathaloning this year!

--what are your short term goals?
--Do you have any long term, bucket list type goals?


  1. Yes, run hills!!! They are the one things that improves my speed and running strength more than anything else.

    Good luck this season!

  2. As far as clipping in on the bike, it helps to practice on grass if you can. Also I wore my shoes to spin class a lot and got used to the clipping in and out. Good luck with your training!