Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Workout routines...

My family has been given the amazing opportunity to live in Italy for the past 6 weeks and we still have about 3 weeks in Italy and then onto another adventure before we head home to the USA.

I didn't want that to stop my desire to become fit and fabulous, so I packed some DVDs from my home library with the plans of doing those.  Well, I hated them.  I couldn't stay motivated to do them, I didn't like what I was doing, so I never did them.  After praying for guidance on my situation, I searched youtube.com and came across a fitness blender workout!  I thought, well, why not, I have nothing to loose.  I did it and I fell in love!  They are simple, wonderful exercises that got my heart rate up and starting to tone.  I did that one a few times and decided to do a little more research about them.  I went to their website and immediately fell in LOVE!  They have so many, many videos to so many different fitness levels and abilities.  They have stretching, HIIT, yoga, kickboxing, abs everything.  They even have an awesome search engine that you can say exactly what you need.  Since I don't have any home equipment available to me, I have to use that option and they have so much available.  It really has been an answer to my prayers.  

My goal each week is to do 1 lower body strengthening, 1 upper body strengthening, 2 days of cardio and 2 days of P90X Ab ripper and one day of all day walking with our site seeing!  I also give myself the okay to take a rest day if I feel like my body needs it.  So far, it has been great.  I feel great and I feel like I am looking thinner but without a scale, I've had to rely on just that look and feel, that is another post in and of itself!  

Find a way, not an excuse!!

--What is your favorite at home exercise?
--What are your current exercise goals?

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