Monday, March 3, 2014

Not quitting...

Once again I find myself on the road to getting fit and fabulous.  Life gets in the way, especially of blogging, but I have not done well with maintaining my weight either.  I need to find a balance of what I want to eat and the weight I want to lose.  I'm struggling with how to find the motivation to eat as amazing as I was when loosing weight.  I cannot understand why I had so much motivation then, but cannot seem to keep it up now.

I am determined to find the right balance of emotions, food, exercise, motivation for ME.  I have a goal in mind, a goal to do better at the triathlon at the end of August than I did last year and a goal to get to a better weight for my body.  I will not let excuses get in the way of my goals, even if I am in Italy or another country. 

I have struggled with emotions of eating and weight for my whole life.  I am going to release those emotions forever and find my happy balance.

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