Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesdays: Pre-Race Jitters

Tri Talk Tuesday

Oh man, jitters!  For me there is really no avoiding them.  After all the training the anticipation of the start is inevitable!  But, I LOVE IT!  It helps me know I'm ready. It helps me know I want to do well. It helps me know I CAN!

A few things I do to deal with the jitters:

** I stretch.  I make sure I am all warmed up.  I typically take a few strokes in the water, time permitting.  I make sure my legs, shoulders, neck are all warmed up and stretched out.

** I meditate.  I go through what I want the race to be like. I visualize the finish in my head, the transitions, the awesomeness I am going to feel throughout the race!  I visualize my success.

** I make sure I am nourished.  I don't eat much, a banana and a protein shake usually, but I make sure I have something to sustain myself.

** I smile!  This journey was fun and the event itself is even more fun!  Smile, enjoy those butterflies and get going!!

--what do you do for pre-race jitters?
--what is your favorite race?

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  1. Eating, yes! I follow the same eating plan before every race no matter what with no wavering. I have a hard time eating pre race, but it's so important!