Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stagnant ...

Well, it has happened.  The awesomeness of loosing weight, then doing all my triathlons wore off and now I am in a rut.  I took a break and now I am ready to go somewhere I have never gone!

Weight training/HIIT


P90X® Base

I mentioned it to my hubby (Coach J.) that I wanted to try it and asked him if he wanted to do it with me.  I am already glad he said yes, because he has gotten me out of bed at 6AM both mornings because I had committed to him to do it.  I have enjoyed both work outs already and cannot wait to see the results!  I will post before pictures in the next few days so you can follow along on my journey.

I am really hoping it will help me tone up and actually hit my goal weight this time!  I stopped sort to start training hard for my triathlons.  I gained a few back but not many ... YEA!  And now want to go into weights that I do not ever remember being!

--- What are your goals lately?
--- What do you do to get out of  a rut?

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