Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weigh-in #8...

Starting weight ***176 lbs
Week 1 Weigh-In *** 171 lbs
Week 2 WI ** 167 lbs!!
Week 3 WI *** 163 lbs
Week 4 WI *** 160 lbs
Week 5 WI *** 159 lbs
Week 6 WI *** 156
Week 7 WI *** 155
Week 8 WI *** 152 ---getting so close to the 140s.  Can't wait to see them and say goodbye to the 150s FOREVER!!!

It is hard for me to imagine me at these low weights. In my adult life that I have tracked my weight, I have never been this low.  I have always set my goals to get this low, but never been able to reach them.  To have them within reach and passing previous goals I have made with ease really makes my mind go WHAT??

 I am loving every minute of my new body...keep on keeping on until I hit my racing weight :).  Starting training today for my sprint triathlon in 9 weeks...I hope my body cooperates this time!!

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