Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A goal of mine...

When my running journey began, I started with the desire to run 5 miles, without stopping.  That was it, that was all I wanted.  A funny thing happens when you go after a goal like that, when you accomplish it, you aren't satisfied.  You want more.  You want to push yourself again.  
You want to know you can do HARD THINGS!  

So, what did I want this time?  A 1/2 marathon!  I signed up and started training.  The ride was crazy, fun, terrifying, exhilarating and pushed me beyond the limits that I had built up around myself.  I had foot problems with tarsal tunnel, and it was a painful way to train, but I had made the goal, I had to accomplish it.  I am happy to say even with some serious bathroom problems, a numb/painful foot and running with more weight than I would have liked, I FINISHED!  I crossed that finish line with tears in my eyes and not only from the pain. I was proud of the things I had worked through, I was happy to have my husband by my side knowing he was proud and loved me.  I was running with tears in my eyes because I had done something HARD that not very many people would expect from me!  That was in 2010 and I have had the desire since then to do another one and have a slightly better experience.  

Enter this year, 2013.  I wanted to, I REALLY wanted to, but I couldn't commit to run another 13.1.  Well guess what?  The decision was made for me.  I won an entry into the Salt Lake City Marathon 10th Anniversary run!  Oh boy, not only did I get into a 1/2 marathon, it was in APRIL.  I have never even begun training for anything before April and now I will have done a 1/2 marathon by then.  I am in week 3 of my training and only have 7 more.  I will go more into what I am doing each week in a seperate post, but cheer me on as I work up to an amazing 13.1 miles in April!

What is your favorite race distance?  What have you overcome to make your goals a reality?


  1. Half marathons are great! Congrats on a free race entry and enjoy the run :)

  2. Half marathons are my FAVORITE!!! You are going to have a blast